Our company was founded in Konya in 1993 to operate on the roof systems. Since foundation, we take care on establishing trust based and long-term relationships with our customers.
Offering high quality products at best price in respect to needs and expectations of our customers has been our fundamental policy. 
As our company continously develops in the gutter sector, instead of applying known classical methods we produce the gutter and all components in single piece and monolithic to minimize dependence on products like solder, weld, silicone etc. and offer to the benefit of our customers. As a pioneer in adapting to the developing sector, our company keep continuous achievements with high-tech modern machinery and skilled personnel by producing 4m. and 6m. monolithic gutters to bring durability and aesthetics in European norms to your roofs.
With prices for every budget and technological products, our company has proven itself in a short time, and has gained a large market in Turkey. 
Our periodically increased production capacity, increased by 50% with our recent additions to the machinery. BAŞARI OLUK family has been in pursuit of continuous innovation to produce newer, higher quality with new investments and sailed to new horizons and surely advancing. 
You should have 1 choice. 
We meet every budget.